I am a software engineer at core.

I especially like leveraging the web stack. I believe in choosing the best… no, the adequate… no, the tool that suits me, for the job: from UX persona to Go routines to Sass mixins. Which explains why people usually refer to me as a Full-stack developer. It is said that nowadays' technical challenges require keeping an open mind and learning shtuff and whatnots. Fair enough, I do enjoy a good learning with open chakras!

I used to run Fortran, Matlab and C++ numerical simulations to compute non-linear distribution of chemicals in lower, turbulent atmosphere. Shtuff like that. Now, that might give you sound insights about how to best survive in a post-apocalyptic world (tomorrow), but somehow I got more interested in writing Ruby apps solving problems of today. I was told I could actually do it for a living and, one phone call later, met with the awesome guys at af83. It would kickstart my career as a web developer and allowed me to quickly acquire professional skills in software architecture, design, testing, copy-editing, translating and fixing security doors at the office, which is a better survival skill anyway.

I then co-founded a successful startup, Stormz. We were fortunate enough to get excellent steering from a network of mentors, investors, entrepreneurs and clients. It has changed the way I do things on a daily basis, and it boils down to a single word with loaded semantic yet unremitting effects: vision. Or was it value?

I then worked as a freelancer for a few years, mostly remote, building off that steam.

I was a mentor @bloc.io for about two years. Here I helped many folks discover web programming or enhance their skills. On top of mentoring, I helped taking care of the Back-end and Front-end curriculums, producing educational content and making sure the world can "become a better place, one developer at a time". Exciting days!

I currently craft backend gizmos @Teezily.

Besides programming, I really enjoy early-mid 20th century science-fiction, storytelling theory, rock climbing, cooking, gardening, woodworking and going for a walk in the morning.

I live near Cahors, France, a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place worth checking out. Always happy to receive emails!

You may review a detailed list of my references on LinkedIn. My public code is available on GitHub.

Some projects I've been part of as a freelancer

Backgrounds on this website are engravings crafted by master printer Pieter van Der Heyden, after a series of drawings named The Seven Vices by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, published by Hieronymus Cock in 1558, Antwerp. A Doom is associated to the series.